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Classically trained and globally inspired - having fun playing anything that looks like a flute (and a few things

that don't!). At home on stage or in the studio, I can bring a trunk-load of funky-looking amazing-sounding flutes.

Take your pick - Celtic flute, Irish whistle, Native American flutes & drones, South American pan-flute & quena, Japanese shakuhachi & shakulute, Chinese dizi, xiao and xun, ocarina, European Baroque recorders, Indonesian suling, Indian bansuri (plus a few bamboo mystery flutes), Hawaiian nose-flute, Mexican rattlesnake flute, and an Aztec death-whistle. Love to collaborate and create unique flute sounds for instrumental or vocal tracks. And if you need someone for a live showcase of your song, and the flutist on your recording can't fly in to play it, hit me up, I can do it.

Love working on location video projects, too - hike, bike, fly, drive or swim in - it's all good!

Full orchestra, too! My label's specialty is world-premiere recordings of classical/world/jazz/fusion crossover music for flute.

More about JoRazzal Music's solo and collaborative recording projects on my website:

Stream me on Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, YouTube and just about everywhere!

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Joanne Lazzaro, World Flutist
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