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San Francisco
August 25, 2018 Phoenix Theater



The Indie Collaborative put on our first showcase ever in beautiful San Francisco, at the Phoenix Theater. 20 talented IC artists displayed their skill and joy.

The show took place on August 25, 2018.

Produced by Eileen Sherman and Grant Maloy Smith

Emcee: Grant Maloy Smith


The Main Performers:

Aoede • Jeff Oster • Garrick Davis • Art Jae • Lea Lolita Sweet • Iari Melchor • Noshir Mody • Ron San Miguel • SaulPaul • Grant Maloy Smith • Solomon King • Gina Leneé • Ruth Weber • Masa • Katie Garibaldi • Nadia Shpachenko • Joanne Lazzaro • Mr. Eco

The venue:

The Phoenix Theater

414 Mason Street

San Francisco, CA 94012

The Program

Click here to see the complete program, including all of the advertisements that it contained.

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