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The IC Magazine

The IC Magazine


Yes, we have our own magazine, written by IC members and published by us. Printed on gorgeous heavy weight stock and in full color, ~140 pages of in-depth articles about the art and business of the indie music scene today, with featured interviews and more. Perfect bound, and very high quality. A collectors item!

A second issue is being prepared for delivery ~ August 2022. It will be delivered via US mail. A few months later we will make each issue available on-line.

Please order your copies in our shop. Please click here!

Issue #2 is available for pre-ordering now. Want to advertise? You can order half and full page ad spaces in our shop. The deadline is July 15, 2022, or when we have sold all available pages, so don't delay. You don't want to be left out of this beautiful magazine.

The Indie Collab is made up of musicians from all over the world playing every genre of music, as well as industry professionals. Managers, publicists, photographers, make-up artists, cinematographers. And entertainment people in general, like actors, actresses, comedians, stagehands, directors, and more.

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Issue #1, 2020

Click the magazine cover to open it full screen, where you can go through the pages. There are controls at the bottom that provide more options.

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Want to Write for The IC?

We are open to receiving your original articles for publication in The IC. There are some important things to know, and guidlines to follow. By submitting an article to The IC for publication, you agree with all of the deadlines, requirements and terms & conditions herein.


2022 Issue:

Target publication date: August 2022

Article proposal deadline: June 1, 2022

Article submission deadline: June 30, 2022

Articles submitted after the issue closes will be considered for the next issue.

Length. Articles should be between 1000 and 3000 words in length.

Themes and Topics. Articles must relate to world of independent musicians, entertainers, entertainment industry people, or the independent music or entertainment industry itself. We are not likely to be interested in articles about to major artists, unless there is a clear connection and relevance to the interests our readership.

High Quality. Articles must be well-written, entertaining and address one or more topics of interest to our readership.

IC Membership: You must be a current member of the IC, and have your profile shown on our website, in order to submit an article.

No Disparaging Content. We will not print articles that contain disparaging or hateful language or ad hominem attacks on any individual, or derisive language about groups of people.

Credit / Byline: Your article will be credited with your byline. This can be either your legal name, or a stage name that you use publicly, at your option. We prefer not to print any article whose author is anonymous, unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

Language: Articles must be provided in the English language. The editors will ensure that all articles are grammatically correct and easily readable by the public. Articles will be edited to conform with standard American English spelling and grammar.

Originality. Articles submitted for publication must be entirely original. They must be your original work, and you must have all rights and clearances required by law. By submitting an article to The IC for publication, you affirm and attest that you own all rights to the article, and thereby allow The IC to publish it in our magazine, website, and all other media that we choose. You further agree to hold the Indie Collaborative LLC and its owners, operators and editors harmless in the event that any legal matter arises from the publication of your article. Furthermore, any photographs or other media that you provide with your article must meet the same standards of originality, or be legally cleared for publication. Credit references for any media provided with your article must be provided.

Agreement with Terms: By submitting your article you agree that it can be printed in The IC in any and all media that we choose, that it meets all of our requirements, and you agree to all of the Deadlines, Requirements and Terms & Conditions listed herein.

Terms & Conditions

Acceptance or Rejection. The IC reserves the right to accept or reject any article for any reason. Sometimes we get articles that are fundamentally similar or repetitive in nature with other articles that we have already or intend to publish, and other conflicting conditions. All articles must conform with the Requirements listed herein.

Payment. As full and final payment for your article, we will send you two copies of the magazine to your address, after it is printed.

Perpetual grant of license. By offering an article to The IC, you hereby grant us an irrevocable right to publish it in The IC magazine in both the printed and digital editions, on our website, and in any other media that we choose, into perpetuity, without further compensation.

Editing. We reserve the right to edit any article that is presented to us for publication. Decisions of the editors are final.


Have an Award to Report for our Next Issue?

Our members win all kinds of awards, including the whole range of nominations and awards from a wide variety of contests, all the way up to the GRAMMYS®. For our upcoming August issue we'd like to include as many of these as we can. If you have been nominated or won an award between January 1, 2021 and now, please let us know using the form below. We will include as many of them as we can. This is open to all IC members. Then don't forget to order your copy of the magazine as a keepsake!  PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN 5 AWARDS. Deadline is June 20 to make the August issue. Awards submitted after that date will be printed in the next issue, whenever that is done.

Don't forget to order your copy of this issue! It's available for pre-ordering right now in our webshop.

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