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New York City
January 27, 2018
Feinstein's 54/Below

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The Indie Collaborative put on our first showcase at Feinstein's 54/Below in New York's Broadway district.

The show took place on January 27, 2018.

Produced by Eileen Sherman and Grant Maloy Smith

Emcee: Grant Maloy Smith


The Main Performers:

Mia Moravis • Grant Maloy Smith • Geoge Varghese • Katie Garibaldi • Kim Cameron • Tania Stavreva • Lou Caimano • Lynn Yew Evers • David S. Goldman • EJ Ouelette • Helen O'Shea • Gregorio Uribe • COPUS • DDS • SaulPaul • Johnny Kantreed • Gina Lenée • Wouter Kellerman • Rory Gardiner • Mike Greenly • Martha Reich • Leti Garza

The venue:

Feinstein's 54/Below

New York City, NY

The Program

Click here to see the complete program, including all of the advertisements that it contained.

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