Members of the Indie Collaborative can create a login on this website, and then access the members-only pages. These include direct member to member contact capabilities as well as access to our discussion forums.

If you're a member of the IC, please log in using the control at the top right of any page. If you are not yet a member, please join us. It's free to be a member! To join, just fill out the form on the join page. It's not instantaneous, however, because one of us looks at each form and then approves it manually.

Members-only content includes a music forum, featuring content and exchanges among your fellow artists. You can also download our logos for using on your website, albums, etc. And you can see the members-only profiles of your peers, and interact with them privately, as well as setting up your own members-only profile. A group of musicians from all over the world - Every genre of music - Connecting musicians.

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