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GHARANA fusion band was formed in August 2006, by Susnata and late Probir Narayan, in Calcutta (east India). Touching on the acoustics of Folk instruments, with a unique blend of the Ethno Guitar, the band's fusion music is influenced by the magical depth of Indian Ragas and ancient Mantras. The varied cultural and geographical influences of three different lands (Bengal-Assam-Punjab) with oriental flavor and natural elements is finely amalgamated. Their music speaks about the inner emotions, environment, eternal bonding between a mother and her child, harmony among people, lifestyle of rural dwellers connected to the river, confiding to universal cosmic energy and the celebration of life.

GHARANA's researched work has a diversified taste laden with Khamak-Alghoza-Guitar combi, Bansuri-Cajon-Ghungroo parts, Ocarina-Dizi-Tabla, multi-rhythm patterns, unique fade-ins-outs, breathtaking Sawal-Jawabs (instrumental question-answer) and Jugalbandis (unison), with expressive classic Bandanas (chants), Alaaps (intro), Bols (rhythm notes) and Sargams (song notes). The band's stage recitals are sometimes marked with a rare Didgeridoo-dance performance by their percussionist, when he demonstrates some unseen acts of amazing sound-production with his body, combined with some rare instruments tied on the lower part of his dress. All these majestic elements and activities, followed by the bass strings and emotional flute enthralls the audience and takes them to a transcendental journey, reflecting the true meaning of 'Music'.

GHARANA has given spectacular performances in different national concerts, arts and music fests, cultural centers, cafes, colleges, house concerts, corporate events, exhibitions, workshops etc., in various countries. They released their debut album 'Care of Dreams' (2009) and 'Tides of Time' (2021).

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