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Wayne Gratz


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Wayne Gratz is a Composer/Pianist and has become one of the more recognized best selling artists in the New Age/Piano genre. Born in Winston Salem, North Carolina, in June of 1954, Wayne acquired his love for music at a early age. At the age of five, Wayne moved to Reading, Pennsylvania. Inspired by his kindergarten teacher, Wayne began playing the piano at age six and studied piano into his high school years. He then began studying guitar. With the onset of cool keyboard bands such as Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, and Genesis, Wayne decided to return to the keyboards. 

Wayne played in various rock bands after high school. He began touring the U.S and Canada, ending up in Orlando, Florida in 1976. From 1989 to 2002, Wayne released seven albums of original compositions on the Narada Label and 4 albums of cover music on the Enso label. Wayne also contributed to some of the most memorable compositions on Narada's best selling collections, The Wilderness Collection, A Childhood Remembered, Piano Solos, and 2 Christmas Collection albums. All these albums are still distributed by Capitol Records and EMI and are available at most digital download centers. 

Wayne started his own label , along his business partner and wife Kyra, Wayne Gratz Music in 2002 and has recorded and produced 9 albums, to include the most recent, An Eagles Zen and just released single, Quiet Dancer. Wayne's other releases include Sleepy Baby Suite, Christmas Remembered, Soul to Soul, Light Lands and Shoreline, Two Views, Four Steps to the Ocean, An Eagles Zen, and a special documentary original soundtrack project Conquering Kilimanjaro. Wayne's album titled Safer Places is a piano ensemble including featured artists Nancy Rumble and Paul Fleury. In addition, his music has been used for the Olympic games specialty segments, NBC television specials, and background music for numerous other television/radio advertisements, to include a Tiger Woods segment and background music for the Thomas Kinkade DVD, Painter of Light. 

Wayne’s music is featured on Sirius XM Spa Channel, Pandora, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Music Choice, Whisperings Solo Piano Internet Radio and numerous radio stations broadcasting around the world.

Wayne Gratz

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