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Actor/Actress; Administrator; Publicist; Stage Manager

Musical Theatre; Theater


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Nov 12, 2021

Valerie Peter Chong


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Valerie Peter Chong (They/Val/Pete) has been involved in theater from the ripe old age of 5. A graduate of Gettysburg College's Theater Arts Program, Val has a particular love for Shakespeare, musical theatre, and puppetry. As the Associate Artistic Director for the New York City-based company, Hamlet Isn't DeadVal most recently served as the Assistant Director for the company’s production of Measure for Measure. 

Keep an eye out for the theatre company's 2022 production of Macbeth, marking Chong's NYC directorial debut!  At the Indie Collaborative's Lincoln Center debut in December, Chong earned accolades as the IC's new resident stage manager. Tonight, the producers are grateful to have their resident stage manager backstage at Carnegie Hall.

Valerie Peter Chong

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