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American Roots

Guitar, Acoustic;Guitar, Electric;Keyboards


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Jun 26, 2018

Sue Menhart


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In Sue's Own Words:

I started singing and playing guitar  when I was eight-years old, out on the plains just outside of St. Louis,  Missouri. I wore out Carpenters, Beach Boys, and Barbara Streisand  records. When I was 9, my parents, four brothers, two sisters, and a dog  and a cat piled into a station wagon and drove to Mystic, Connecticut.  I've been here ever since. I took guitar lessons from Ron Apicelli (who I  thought was Peter Frampton) but was actually the owner of Ron's Guitars  in Groton, CT.

I joined my first band when I was 15 (recruited  after a rousing karaoke version of Don't Stop Believing at a High School  Talent Show.) This band, Majestic, was just the first of about a  million rock-n-roll cover bands I would eventually participate in,  rippin' everything from Judas Priest to Donna Summer to Boston. The  Toys, Casino, Two of a Kind, Fever and Witness Protection are a few of  the names I can remember.

When I was 18, I gave up a full  academic scholarship to the University of Hartford to go hang out with  friends attending the Guitar Institute of Technology in California.  I  lost a lot of weight, got really tan, and came back home to Connecticut  three months later.  Read my memoir for all the reasons...

It  wasn't until I attended my first Bruce Springsteen concert that I was  finally inspired to write my own stuff. I just didn't know how to go  about it. On the way home from the concert, I simply started writing on  the steering wheel, and I haven't stopped yet.  Some cool stuff has  happened since I started writing.


I  planned to just do a simple solo album with some acoustic guitar, some  clumsy chord progressions, and straightforward lyrics. But I found  myself rehearsing the songs in my basement with some guys who just kept  showing up: Dave Foret on bass, John Jeff (JJ) on lead guitar, Steve  Pranulis on keys, and Kevin Clark on drums. We recorded the songs with  Jon Quinn at In Phaze Audio studios in Griswold, Connecticut, in a barn.  Mastering was by Dave Locke from JPMasters in Charlotte, North  Carolina. And we went to press. I launched a web site, established a  mailing list, and started doing gigs as the Sue Menhart Band.  The album  "Torn" is available digitally at My Store.

Gypsy Soul

We  went back to In Phaze Audio to record the "Gypsy Soul" EP and released  it in 2009. Bill Quinn replaced Steve Pranulis on keys, but everyone  else stayed. Mastering was done by Ron Zabrocki  (producer/guitarist/songwriter/session musician and all-around wonderful  human being.) This effort brought some international press, some  awards, and more cool gigs. awarded the band a  "Top 25 of 2010" distinction in January, 2010 for excellence and  achievement in independent music.

Me and my band appeared on the  live music performance television show "Poughkeepsie Live" on Time  Warner Cable 6 New York in July, 2009. They treated us like rock stars,  while cameramen rolled all over the floor and hung from ceilings. Cool!   Videos are up on YouTube here.

My  jaw literally dropped when me and my band were awarded "Best Americana  Performance" at the inaugural 2010 New London, Connecticut Whalie Awards  with nominations also for Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and  Best Americana Band.   For 2011, we were nominated in two People's  Choice categories - Best Americana Band and Best Video, and one Critics  Choice Award for Best Blues/Country Rock Performance for our single "One  Day in New York."

JJ, Dave, Kevin and I recorded the single "One  Day in New York," in JJ's bedroom suite, which appears on the New  London music scene's "The Long Hundred" compilation CD, released in Jan.  2011. The entire compilation, or just the single, is available at The  Telegraph record store in New London or digitally here:

Hard copies of "Gypsy Soul" are available from CD Baby, at live shows, My Store.  It's also available digitally on iTunes and Amazon.


I  moved a tad away from blues/rock and veered into R&B  with a 2011  EP called "Forever," produced by Ron Zabrocki.  I had a tiny crush on  Major Seventh chords, so the 5-song EP is filled with 'em.  "Forever" is  available at My Store.   The EP was awarded a "Top 25 of 2012" distinction by,  and was nominated for "Record of the Year" at the 2012 New London Whalie  Awards.

Love Ain't Hard

Our  second full length album was released in 2017 and is available  digitally everywhere. It’s a collection of roots rock, blues, jazz, soul  and pop tunes plus a fun, fun, fun tribute to Brian Wilson. Because who  doesn’t love Brian Wilson.   Some press we received is here.


I have worked with many, many musicians for many, many years. But my  true rock of Gibraltar (in more ways than one!) is my  husband/drummer/best friend Kevin Clark. Married for over 25 years now, I  like to call him "my own personal Quincy Jones." His guidance, support,  and overall awesomeness is unmatched!  We made a very cool daughter  too.

Sue Menhart

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