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Adult Contemporary;Musical Theatre;Rock

Skye Delamey


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Skye Delamey is a singer-songwriter, and musician. She has been playing piano for almost her entire life. She is an avid performer, songwriter, musician and vocalist. Her shows are described as: "Vaudevillian, "Moulin Rouge." From the heaviest of rock songs, to the softest of melodies, Skye Delamey's music explores, and brings to the audience, all of the above...and then some! The universal language of music in all it's limitless possibilities are explored in the music of Skye Delamey, with boldness, honesty, and sincerity. Each tale comes from the depths of her soul. From "Detention," to "Thor," "Girlfriend Muzzle," to "Oz," she has crossed genres in her career, pushed boundaries, and continues to bring us more.

Skye Delamey

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