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Sergio Pereira


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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I started playing acoustic guitar  (violao) at the age of 8 years old, influenced by my older brother who  played the guitar and helped me with my first chords. I have also been  influenced by the music of bossa-nova giants at the time such as Joao  Gilberto, Tom Jobim, Carlos Lyra, Joao Donato, Marcus Valle and many  more. Growing up in Rio in the 60’s and 70’s has contributed  tremendously to the energy, groove and rhythms reflected in my music  today. 

Moving to New York in the 80’s has motivated me to, not  only continuing playing the guitar, but to further enhance my knowledge  of music and the guitar itself, hence I started to study with some of  the jazz greats including Chuck Wayne, Sal Salvador, Alex Adrian, Hui  Cox and Joe Carter. Since the beginning of the 90’s I have been  travelling the world, playing with different bands and at various venues  in many different countries in Europe, Africa and elsewhere. 

Some  of the names I have shared music with includes, Gil Goldstein, Mark  Egan (Pat Metheny), Matt King (Chuck Loeb), Cidinho Teixeira, Claudia  Villela, Adriano Santos, Helio Alves, Nilson Matta, Mauricio Zottarelli,  Lonnie Plaxico, Duduka da Fonseca, Olivia Foschi, Lucila Novaes, Alex  Sipiagin, Reza Khan, Greg Skaff and many others. I was also a member of  the United Nations Jazz band for over 15 years and performed in various venues in New York City.

While living in The Netherlands from 2003 to 2009, I have played with some of the top local musicians there, including pianist Ferial Karamat and singer Arno Kolenbrander, in which I have arranged and recorded some of his music as well as participated in  various radio programs in Amsterdam.

Together with other friend/musicians I founded the jazz/Brazilian/funk band named “Malandros”. I  have been presenting my work in the US and Spain with great success at  venues such as Club Bonafide (NY), Cornelia Street Cafe (NY), The Jazz  Forum (NY), The Zinc Bar (NY), the Madrid International Jazz Festival  (Madrid), Sala Clamores (Madrid), Sala Matisse (Valencia), Moe Jazz Club  (Madrid), El Plaza Jazz Club (Madrid), Cafe Mercedes Jazz (Valencia),  Sala Matisse (Valencia), La Fabrica de Hielo (Valencia), Veles e Vents  (Valencia) and Jimmy Glass Jazz Club (Valencia).

In  the form of Sextet, Quintet, Quartet and at times trio, I have been presenting my work with some of the greatest musicians from around the  globe such as Mauricio Zottarelli, Oriente Lopez, Vitor Goncalves, Helio  Alves, Graciliano Zambonin, Viktorija Pilatovic, Veronica Ferreiro, Dayan Adab Garcia, Ariel Ramirez, Roque Martinez, Luis Guerra, Voro Garcia, Baptiste Bailly, Ivan Ruiz Machado, Ales Cesarini, Mariano Steimberg, Georvis Pico, Alexey Leon, Latino Blanco, Perico Sambeat, Kiki Ferrer, Diego Ebeler, Juan San Martin and Jose San Martin. The list keeps growing!!!!

Studying with  Brazilian guitarist Marcus Teixeira has further broadened my  understanding of harmony, improvisation and skills required to be a  better composer, songwriter, arranger and guitarist. 

Brazilian  music and jazz has been my passion throughout my life, and now I am able  to express it through my albums ‘Swingando' and 'Nu Brasil'  (ZM201808).  These albums brings all of the emotions, energy and  dynamics of growing up in Rio, living around the globe and being in  touch with my culture throughout my life. Swingando has won "Best Latin  Jazz Album" by Clouzine International Music Award.

My latest album 'Nu Brasil', released by ZOHO Music of NYC, has won two Global Music Awards for best "Album" and best "Brazilian/Latin Jazz" (Silver Medal), Clouzine  International Music Award (Winner), Independent Music Award (nominated  for Best Latin Song category), International Songwriting Competition  (song: Nu Brasil - semi-finalist). The album includes some of  the most well known musicians in the world, such as pianist Helio Alves,  flutist Oriente Lopez, harmonica player Gabriel Grossi, saxophonist  Perico Sambeat, singer Paula Santoro, guitarist Marcus Texeira,  trumpeter Voro Garcia, drummer Mauricio Zottarelli, to name a few.

'Nu  Brasil' has been recognised by the Recording Music Academy and placed  in the ballot for the 1st round on the 61st Grammy Awards in the  category of "Best Latin Jazz Album" and "Best Instrumental Album" for the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards. I hope you will enjoy my music and my latest album "Nu Brasil"..

Sergio Pereira

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