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Scott Dailey





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Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist

Alternative; American Roots; Rock

Bass, Electric; Guitar, Acoustic; Guitar, Electric; Mandolin


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Jun 11, 2022

Scott Dailey


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Scott Dailey is a Detroit-based songwriter and performer. His brilliant guitar playing, great vocals and renowned songwriting have led him to receive Detroit Music Awards and a Billboard Magazine award. He has played from Detroit to Nashville to the U.K. and Italy. Scott's career spans from The Stingrays to shows with Nick Lowe, and more. He has performed with Carolyn Striho since 2006. Scott was featured on the cover of the 2008 Fender American Series Guitar Catalog. Scott is a respected artist with a delightful energy.

“So Much Time to Burn is his [Scott's] five-track solo EP, and it’s  very, very good. “Game of Hearts” is the first track and also the best.  It’s a husky, poignant rocker reminiscent of Johnny Thunders’ “You  Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory.”

Brett Callwood - Metro Times

“With a great voice, rough and soulful, inviting and warm, Scott  writes songs that resonate with the audience.  These are strong,  heartfelt melodies that completely engage the listener.  And when Scott  starts singing, people stop talking and listen!”

~ Inner Door Music - Inner Door Music

“..produces musical lightning bolts from his guitar and whose  gravelly, but excellent vocals on stage immediately causes conversations  to cease and eyes and ears to focus on the man singing 'Game Of  Hearts.' The song, which appears on his new album, 'So Much Time To  Burn,' was written many years ago, and he recently breathed new life into  a tune that serves up reminders of Bruce Springsteen and Pete Seeger at  their best.”

Joe Montague - Riveting Riffs Magazine -Toronto, Canada

“I've listened four or five times…it's terrific songwriting and honest performances. You can't ask for more.”

Jeff Scott, Detroit Music - DETROIT MUSIC

Scott Dailey

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