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Instrumentalist; Producer (Music); Songwriter

Pop; Rock; Traditional Pop



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June 5, 2020

Ron Ovadia


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Southern California-based songwriter and Emmy® nominee Ron Ovadia has been creating songs with meaning for years. He believes that music has a powerful purpose and can help connect people to a greater cause and to each other. His latest “anthems of hope” include:

  • "Your Beloved Home" - dedicated to the people of Ukraine, who are fighting for their freedom

  • "No Place For Hate" -  an antidote to the rising tide of hate and disharmony that is so pervasive

  • "One Step at a Time" - part of a song score (Grant/Ovadia) for the internationally-touring CINDERELLA ON ICE

  • "Tomorrow’s Child" - the featured song in EPCOT’s SPACESHIP EARTH for 20 years

  • "Voices of Democracy" (Levine/Ovadia) - honoring the Green Movement in Iran (2009)

  • "Heroes Of The Front Line" - honoring our first responders in our time of need

  • "Make America Whole Again" - about restoring unity to our divided country


His predilection toward anthem-like songs took a literal turn when he co-authored the English translation of the Swiss National Anthem (2020).

Besides focusing on aspirational songs, Ron has written many other songs, including:

  • "Crossing the Line" (Ovadia/Josefs) - the title song of the film of the same name

  • "If God Can Forgive Me" (Ovadia/Grant/Kimmel) - an award-winning Country song

  • "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" (Grant/Ovadia) - the Emmy® nominated title song for the animated TV series

  • "When You’ve Got Imagination" (Grant/Ovadia) - an award-winning composition

Ron Ovadia

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