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Songwriter; Vocalist

Alternative; Pop



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Jun 8, 2015

Robin Tricker


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Robin Tricker is a passionate songwriter, ukulele lover, and musical chameleon. More than just your typical hip, east coast girl, Robin is a multi-layered songwriter intent on driving a catchy hook into your head. Don’t let the curly hair and ukulele fool you, this Jersey girl can sing. 

If Rock, Country & Pop had a curly haired baby it would be Robin Tricker. Her more personal songs pack a strong punch, and as one of her songs says, she is “one part sugar & one part cayenne!” If Robin was a musical drink she would be somewhere between a Pina Colada, and a shot of Jack! Once a professional dancer, Robin has featured in national TV commercials, and was also a featured dancer on a late night TV dance show presented by Sofia Vergara. 

Now a thriving singer songwriter, Robin's passion for the ukulele on which she writes, and performs most of her songs is clear for all to see. Of course beach songs sit perfectly on the ukulele, but she also wrote the haunting ‘The Love Letter’ on this beautifully diverse instrument. The Love Letter, with lyrics written by the late Blaze Starr who starred alongside Paul Newman in the major motion picture ‘Blaze’ was artfully crafted by Robin onto a ukulele written melody that evokes Blaze’s deep country roots. 

Robin has for the fourth time been nominated for ‘Best Female Vocalist of the Year’, and 2020 was the first year she was nominated for the 'Horizon Award' at the annual TRMA’s. She is also on the ‘Ones to Watch’ list for the Nashville Songwriters Association International. Her live shows are infectious and entertaining, with songs about everything from beaches to love triangles. Robin finds song ideas within her ordinary life, and sends them off into the world to be listened to. Her 12 track album SALT WATER HAPPY, produced at Sonic Boom Studios by the uber talented Anthony Krizan, formerly of The Spin Doctors, is out now! It contains three #1 TropRock 40 songs. Robin's songs are getting Radio Airplay all around the world.

Robin Tricker

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