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New Age



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Aug 19, 2018

Robin Spielberg


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Robin Spielberg is a pianist, composer, and recording artist well known for her expressive technique, melodic composition style and engaging live performances. Her albums bring traditional, classic, original and popular music to life in piano solos and piano-based ensembles. Robin’s sheet music includes many pieces suitable for recitals, available both in hard copies and as pdf downloads.

"From the moment she walks on stage, until the last note gently  caresses the room, Spielberg casts a spell on her audience that is  palpable, visceral, and spiritual. Better said-after you see her  perform, you’ll just feel a whole lot better about the world.” -Bruce Bressack, HippoPress New Hampshire

“I am in love with Robin’s wonderfully comforting piano artistry,  and have been for many years now!… It only takes a few bars to capture  your imagination and bring your dreams to life.” -Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation

ROBIN SPIELBERG is one of America’s most beloved  pianist/composers. With an impressive tour schedule and hundreds of  thousands of recordings sold, this Steinway Artist has been winning the  hearts of listeners around the world with her compelling melodies and  sensitive piano techniques since debuting her first recording of  original solos for piano, Heal of the Hand.

A prolific composer, Spielberg has 20 recordings to her credit and  appears on over 40 compilations around the world. Her discography  includes albums of original piano solos, arrangements of American  standards, original pieces for piano/ensemble, recordings for the  holidays, a CD of American melodies, and a CD of lullabies. Robin  Spielberg is represented on tour by Kosson Talent.

Robin Spielberg

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