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Artist / Graphic Designer; Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist

Folk; Gospel; Singer/Songwriter

Acoustic Guitar


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Sep 20, 2023

Rebecca Folsom


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Colorado singer/songwriter Rebecca Folsom Rebecca Folsom believes every lyric, every note, every musical collaboration carries the potency to change the world. With her new recording, Sanctuary, Rebecca is on a mission to do that one listener at a time. Moving with ease through her four-octave range she plucks the instrument of the heart with tender fearlessness and fiery passion all meant to awaken unfettered aliveness.  

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Rebecca’s formative years were inspired by the alternative pulse that beats in a town nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. She grew up running trails and writing songs amongst the pines and aspens, capturing inspiration from the plethora of spiritual teachings along with the sanctuary of the natural world.  

Rebecca has played on BBC television/radio for an audience of 1.5 million, Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, The Bluebird and Opryland in Nashville, TN, and numerous festivals nationwide. The song Sanctuary was a semi-finalist in the “2021 International Songwriting Competition.” Her album Extraordinary Days debuted with the song Better Times hitting Number 1 on the National Folk Radio DJ Chart and spending five months on the Top 50 National Americana Country Radio Chart.  

In addition to her 12 released albums and vibrant coaching career, Rebecca has written and published two books of poetry and created numerous paintings of fine art.  Rooted in folk and gospel, Sanctuary is a sonic landscape that moves from pure acoustic instrumentals and lilting vocals to the unbridled rise of sing-along anthems and impassioned choral harmonies. The album opens with an invitation to find new ways to traverse the issues facing us with the song, "New Way Home." It moves through the darker revealing and brave territory of "Mercy," "Through A Mother’s Eyes," and "In My Little Town," and rises triumphant in "Sanctuary" and "Brilliantly Boldly Alive."  

The musical ensemble is an A-Team of some of our nation’s finest musicians, GRAMMY® winners and nominees fill out the stellar roster of talent. 3-time GRAMMY winner, Tom Wasinger, is at the production helm adding unique world instruments to create an Americana outside of the box sonic blend. 5-time GRAMMY winner, Shaun Martin, plays piano and co-produces. Nashville hit writers Sally Barris and Dana Cooper lend their writing and musical skill. GRAMMY nominee Mark Oblinger brings passionate excellence. The Saul Gates Chorale and a diverse cast of back up vocalists add rocket boosters from acapella subtlety to sing-the-roof-off abandon. And above it all, Rebecca rides with ease through her four-octave range, plucking the instrument of the heart with both tender fearlessness and fiery passion.  

SANCUTARY intimately tells human stories that hit a universal nerve. The songs were written with activists, Zen masters, New York Times best-selling authors, Forbes America’s 100 Self-Made Women, social justice organizers, and most importantly, those living in compromised, disempowered situations. Those impacted by homelessness, mental health, racial discrimination, gender discrimination, immigration, gun violence, prisoners, refugees, veterans, the elderly, joined Rebecca in using story-telling and music to cross the bridge of our common humanity. They found that the sunlight of spirit shines in even the darkest places. Heartfelt and raw, these honest stories reveal where the myth of separation is causing great human suffering. From intimate storytelling to unbridled release, each song is an exquisite sonic landscape.

Rebecca Folsom

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