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Peter Sterling





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Artist / Graphic Designer; Composer

Contemporary Instrumental; New Age

Harp; Piano


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Jan 28, 2023

Peter Sterling


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Peter Sterling is a award winning harpist who began to play after a series of life changing angelic encounter's in the canyons of Sedona in the early 1990's. His heartfelt and celestial harp music has touched the hearts and souls of people world wide with many listeners reporting beautiful visions and even miraculous healing while listening to Peter's heavenly music. During his 28 year career with the harp his recordings have been at the top of the radio charts and nominated for several awards.

Letters & Comments

“The night you joined us to lead us through music and meditation was the most powerful experience in my life to date. Thanks, and thanks again for the incredible influence you have already had on me and my spiritual journey.”

Don white

“WOW! I must honestly say without sounding unbelievable,that never in this world, would the music from you would be of such character and personality.  The presence and power and consciousness revealed during your concert on June 17th at the Meditation Mount, in Ojai, CA. has me hearkening to the opening bell tones,all the way to the first notes of the first song; all which provoke me into inexpressible feelings that could not be defined other than tears  of gratitude for the gift rendered in this undying moment. Thank You!! You are bringing the abstract idea of the Angelic realm into our reality,and may this spiral into our lives without end.”


Salvador Garza

“Dear Peter, Here I am again. This time I won’t ask for advice, Sedona is waiting for me ;-). This time I just want to let you know about the healing and clarity that your music has brought into my life. I can say that one of the most important parts of the midsummer conference was to  finally meet you in this lifetime (as I don’t know why I have this strange feeling that we’d met before). As the days have gone by, I listen to your music and it’s just as if I am being transported to another dimension. Suddenly a reconnect to Archangel Michael and my other angels and then I get this calmness and security that everything is going to work out just perfect in my life.”


Your music is the tool that enables me to stay focused in this wonderful new reality…. As I know that your mission is similar to mine, and that you are helping people like me to help in the ascension of the planet, I thought you would like to know all the positive energy you have introduced in my  life, I will sure pass it on to many, many more. Thank you so much for being here at this time for all of us…”

My heart sends all my love,


“Dear Peter, I just wanted to send you a note to express to you my deepest gratitude for the role you have played in my journey of healing.  I have spent the past several years trying to heal some very old wounds.  In the process, I ended up creating a very lonely & empty existence.  The Angel Valley retreat was exactly what I needed to help me release the past, & awaken to life. The gift of your music was an integral part in my awakening.  It allowed me to reach a place where I could finally open my heart.  For this, I am eternally grateful. From the first moment I heard you play, my face formed an instant smile.  I was immediately filled with a feeling of complete joy, unlike anything I had ever known.  As you continued to play, I was gifted with wondrous visions, & long lost memories.  Your music gently flowed into my heart, melting the walls I has set into place years ago.  For the first time in my life, I experienced true peace.

Thank you for sharing your music, for opening your home, & for gifting all of us at Angel Valley with your time & presence.  Most of all, I am grateful that you have helped reintroduce me to the beauty of life, & aided in the return of my long absent smile. 🙂  I feel so very blessed to have met you.

The gift of your music has meant more to me than words could ever express.”

Peace, Love, & Blessings,


“Dear Mr. Sterling, I wish to offer my appreciation for your deeply moving CD’s which we all spent the last two days really enjoying and reflecting on, in light of future blending of these blessed energies of light, colour and music in divine healing (and fun) through ColourSpa events offered to the public on a diversified level. Beautiful!


I am familiar with most of the harp music on the market, all lovely in their own ways, but your CD’s are attuned to a particularly effective purity of offered beauty of the true angelic that is most specifically harmonious with our work. I feel that it is well suited for our colour cleansing and healing meditations, and in harmony with the additional live music used at other portions of the workshop. It also made the staff have a great weekend, melting away psychic stress debris! I just arrived from L.A. and was just given the CD’s.


Your music had a tender impact on a little girl with cancer that I do colour cleansing sessions as a calming and uplifting practice with, (we use all the tools and oils, children love colour!) attuning the room for prayer. I opened your package in the hospital where I was to meet a little girl, and decided to play it for a few minutes in her little hospital room for her session with her mother. She closed her eyes the entire time and then said “That is a happy place.” causing her mom to be moved to tears, since her prognosis is unclear, but I see her growing past this. I knew you would want to know this story.

 Once again, thank you for the beauty. I will be calling you about the details of the scheduling in the coming year when we organize in August-September if that is all right, and Bridgette will call you with further information. Have a beautiful spring.”

Shara S. Rose/ ColourSpa

“Dear Peter: This is Trisha Byrnes. I’m the blonde lady who spoke to you last night about our upcoming healing center, to be called , “THE SANCTUARY,” in San Clemente and wanting you and Richard to perform at our upcoming cancer women’s retreat in the spring at the Irvine Meadows. It was such an honor for myself and my 3 friends to be in the presence of your music last night. To say it touched our souls was a major understatement. It brought tears and filled our hearts with such joy that it felt like it was going to burst!! This is truly a sign that you are angelic guided and the HUGE amount of angels there last night was so awesome. Natalie and I both saw a particular angel over your left shoulder and you had such a beautiful bluish mist around you. I only wish that I could have captured that on film. We needed to hear of your struggles getting to this point in your life as our lives getting to this point has been such a tremendous struggle and still is but we just know that things will be changing for the better so very soon.


Trisha Byrnes

“I am sure you get this kind of comment all the time. But, the first time I heard your cd harp magic I was hooked! I have used it over and over again when I was happy and sad. When I couldn’t sleep, when I was at work and when I was in labor both times. Not to get too personal on you. (I could not have pain medication) you are a wonderful talent, please don’t ever stop giving such a gift.”

Kindest Regards, 

Mrs. Maureen Frost 

Hello Angel Man – I attended the Midsummer Light Conference last weekend in Breckenridge, CO. in which you played your harp and accompanied many of the speakers in their presentations. I so enjoyed your music that I purchased 3 of your CD’s.  However, I have only been able to play 2 of them, (Heart and Soul  & Harp Dreams) because I have not been able to get past their beauty and energy to listen to the third!  I love the various instrumentations and rhythms, vocals, etc. and have played these 2 constantly all week.  They help me to retain the energy and experience of the conference and keep me connected to the realms of spirit and light.   I send blessings to you on your continued explorations in the world of music and hope to experience your energy and harp music again at another conference.”


Beverly, Boulder, Colorado 

Dear Peter, My name is Natalie Oramas, we met at Tedi Morales home, where you performed your wonderous gift.  My dear friend Trisha Byrnes and myself are

in the process of opening a healing center in San Clemente or one of the neighboring towns.  We were so Blessed by your presence and the gift of your music and stories

of your struggles to get to where you are now.  Thank you so very much for sharing with us, as we too are in the same vibrational phase.  Your sharing gave us so much

hope and comfort in knowing we are also on the right path.


I purchased four of your CD’s and I play them during the time I am working on my clients. ( I am a Holistic Health Practitioner)  The feedback I get is that my clients feel the presence of “others” in the room and they fall into a deep relaxation only to find that upon the completetion of the therapies, they are refreshed and feel ” otherworldly” as if they were given a new lease on life.  How thrilled I am to be working with your wonderful gift of transformation not only for myself but for those I work with.


I’ve also noticed that since your music has entered my life, I too have changed. I no longer feel alone or incomplete.  I feel I have a whole arsenal (for lack of a better word) of helpers to call upon.  I, at some level have always felt that angels were present, but now I KNOW!! Again, Thank you for your love, talent and selfless sharing.  Trisha and I are so looking forward to working with you very soon. So until we meet again, may God Bless you and Keep you safe.”

Your sister in Spirit, Natalie

“Hi Peter, I am back at home after a wonderful healing weekend and was thinking about all of the highlights that happened to me during the reunion.  I must say that the harp toning was the most precious experience I have yet experienced with the angels.  I wanted to tell you that when you started the toning, my body and my soul became as one and the heavens opened up and enveloped me and sent me into a pool of healing light and sound.  I cried, I laughed inside and I felt so very, very loved. As you were singing, I heard very distinctly, toning of another language and I was embraced in complete love, although I could not cognitively understand the words being said, I could feel them as deep love. I felt the angels breath and the angels wings all around me.  I cannot thank you enough for this experience and I am so very grateful and honored that you were a part of this for me. 

Peter, after you were done with the toning, my first impression was to give you the biggest hug from the angels and myself for all of the healing work you have done and are continuing to do on a daily basis.  When I gave you this hug, I felt as though many angels were joining me in this embrace. THANK YOU! I have had the pleasure to meet you at many of Doreen’s occasions, but this weekend it was so fun for Mary and myself to get to know you better.  You are really a lot of fun.  So take care and God bless you on your journey of love, light and sound.”

Karen Anderson

Peter Sterling

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