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Bass, Electric;Guitar, Acoustic;Guitar, Electric;Keyboards


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Oct 23, 2018

Patrick Yandall


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Growing up in a military family wasn’t easy. In a world that was constantly changing, Patrick Yandall quickly learned to let his music do the talking. Playing the trumpet in the 4th grade provided the youngster an easy escape from the loneliness of a nomadic life. But, it was a freak football accident, a broken hip, when he was in 6th grade in Bay City, Michigan, that would lead Yandall to focus on the guitar. A three-month hospital stay and a sympathetic musician/military father who loved jazz would encourage Yandall to pick up a guitar book. It didn’t take long for a life-long obsession to develop.


After his family finally settled in Michigan, Yandall at a very young age fell in love with the progressive styles of Jimi Hendrix, Yes, Steely Dan, and George Benson. R&B/Soul artists EWF, Stevie Wonder, and Rufus, were also a definite influence. Attending concerts of Jeff Lorber’s with a young Kenny “G”orelick on sax and Roy Ayers as a young musician, was a life-changing moment and created his vision towards instrumental music. During his teen years, Yandall would use the nightclubs all over Michigan as a training ground. He began playing in adult clubs at the tender age of 13, and would learn to unite the heart of jazz with the flavors of rock and R&B. Summer music programs in Boston and New York would help the guitarist to focus his talents on a more jazz based approach.

Yandall moved to San Diego in the early 1980’s. Playing in a few cover bands in the SoCal area garnered the musician some important contacts which lead to studio work in

Los Angeles for Capitol Records. Appearing on many other national artists releases such as Under The Lake, Will Donato, Rocco Ventrella, Nathan Brown, Rod Best, The Ghost Trio, are just some of the artists who have called on Patrick for his amazing guitar skills and tasty riffs! This would find him a trusted place performing occasionally with the likes of J. Michael Verta, Michael Paulo, Scott Wilkie, Carl Evans, Jr. (Fattburger), Hollies Gentry III, Greg Vail (Kilauea), Tommy Emmanuel, Tom Braxton, and many more. Working with artists like *Randy Brecker, *Will Lee, *Joel Rosenblatt (Spyro Gyra), who all played on his *“From the Ashes’ CD. A favored producer and featured artist, Yandall has produced and/or recorded for NBC, KUSI 51, Muzak, The Weather Channel and various San Diego media outlets. His music has appeared in feature films like “Fruitvale Station”, “War, Inc.” 2020 horror film "Run" and TV shows such as "Young Sheldon" “Speechless” “New Girl” “Girls” “Shameless” “Raising Hope” and more! He’s appeared nationally in scores of major jazz festivals and contemporary jazz venues. And PBS aired a special on Patrick and his music that was aired in the Midwest. His commercially released projects have charted on Billboard, and the last three have been in Grammy consideration in the “Contemporary Instrumental” category.

His focus has always been to create more music and improve as a guitarist, composer, producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist. His music is everywhere and that has always been the goal of this serious and prolific musician!



"Stratophunk" Zangi Recorde (2022)

"Chasing the Light" Zangi Records (2021)

*"Rouge River" Zangi Records (2020)

*"Jazz On the Vine" Zangi Records (2020)

*"Nylon Expression" Zangi Records (2020)

“When Its Hip” Zangi Records (2019)

“10 South Riverside” Zangi (2018) Grammy consideration

“A Journey Home” Zangi (2017) Grammy consideration

“Ethos” Zangi (2016) Grammy consideration

“Blonde Telepathy” Zangi (2014)

“My Christmas Prayer” Zangi (2014)

“Soul Grind” Innervision (2013)

“Acoustic Dreamscape” Zangi  (2012)

“One Hour Blues” Zangi (2010

“The Window” Innervision (2010)

“A New Day” Zangi (2009)

“Laws of Groovity” Zangi (2008)

“New York Blues”Zangi (2007)

“Samoa Soul”Apria (2006)

“Eyes of Mars” Apria (2005)

“From the Ashes” – Apria (2004)

“Back to the Groove” - Zangi (2002)

“Of Two Cities” - Zangi  (2000)

“A Lasting Embrace”- BrainChild (1997)

“That Feels Nice” - EPD (1994)

Patrick Yandall

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