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Instrumentalist; Performer; Vocalist


Bass Guitar

Patrick Mahon


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Bassist Patrick Mahon was born and raised in San Francisco. Patrick studied jazz with Tony P. Miller, but he is primarily self-taught – giving him a creative facility and an eager ear for new ways of expression, including most recently using an unusual bowing technique on the electric bass. He joined the Jazz group COPUS in 2007, played on recordings "Jah Provide," "Aspects," "We All Bleed Red," and has performed with the ensemble throughout the Bay Area as well as in New York, Atlanta, Boston, and New Orleans. His influences include Charles Mingus, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, and Les Claypool. In addition to COPUS, Patrick has performed with bands Scaramanga, The Ambassadors, Electric Color Wheel, and is currently also with The Junque Show and Miss Lightning.

Patrick Mahon

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