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Actress; Vocalist

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Jan 8, 2023

Pan Luoyi


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Pan Luoyi is a singer/songwriter from Shanghai. In addition to performing all the lead and background vocals on JOMO recordings, she writes the Mandarin lyrics for the Chinese versions of JOMO’s songs. Luoyi has performed live in nearly every major live music venue in Shanghai, having worked in the music business there for years before forming JOMO with Luddy. 

Pan has made hundreds of recordings, including the duet “离开你并非我愿意” with Eric Lee that was big hit in Malaysia. She has sung numerous TV and radio jingles and on film soundtracks. When only 15 years old, she and her sister won the Casio singing competition, a nationwide singing contest televised throughout China. Her father, Pan Nai Shi, is an accomplished singing teacher, having coached numerous Chinese pop stars and classical artists. She is based now in Las Vegas.

Pan Luoyi

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