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Nic Nassuet





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Performer, Songwriter, Vocalist

Alternative, Indie Rock, Folk


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Oct 23, 2017

Nic Nassuet


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“In the shadowy depths of the music world, an enigmatic figure known as ‘The King of Gothic Folk’ once reigned supreme. Nic Nassuet, as he’s known to the initiated, had seemingly vanished from the scene, leaving a void that sent shivers down the spines of fans who craved his dark, haunting melodies. But fear not, for the exiled troubadour has returned, and he’s brought a hauntingly beautiful gift with him – ‘Pact.’” (From ‘Lyrics and Threads’)

Blasting out of the crypt, the artist dubbed “The King of Gothic Folk” by Scallywag Magazine, returns to the scene.  Nic Nassuet's debut album “Eleutherios” was released to massive critical acclaim.  Jetset Magazine described his debut release as "[a] blend of Celtic, blues, rock, folk, grunge and goth" that "explores and transcends his [Nassuet's] musical boundaries with a true sense of freedom." Songs from Eleutherios earned Nassuet a spot in Billboard as “Best New Artist” and went on to win an AMG heritage award for best duet, an Emmy award for best composition/arrangement, multiple gold medals in the Global music awards, as well as a slew of other awards and honors. 

The Huffington Post has referred to his signature style as "Gothic Folk," a genre echoed in a review by Guardian Liberty Voice. The Global Music Awards gave Nassuet a gold medal for "Alternative Rock Gothic Folk." Review Fix said that Nassuet "put a definable face on the gothic rock genre." Blogcritics compared his style to the Celtic music, Operatic Rock, and Grunge genres. and Big Sky State Buzz said that Eleutherios contained "hints of rock and roll." Nassuet's music has been compared to Jim Morrison, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Richie Havens, Lindsay Buckingham, and Danny Elfman, Meanwhile, his singing has garnered comparisons to singers like Lindsey Buckingham, Axl Rose, and Kate Bush. 

Audiences and critics alike have gushed over Nassuet's live performances that bring his “theatre experience, writing, and musical stage presence out to play” that picks up “where theatre nerd-turned rocker Meatloaf left off.”

Nic Nassuet

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