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Lyricist; Performer; Vocalist

Film; Indie Rock; Singer/Songwriter

Percussion; Shofar; Whistle


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Nov 24, 2022



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Nata and Evgeny are artists born in Lviv, where their creative paths crossed in 2012. The musical project was created to create a unique sound by combining traditional shofar performance with innovative use of classical guitar and electronic effects. The musicians use the sounds of percussion instruments, combining them with a unique timbre and vocal technique. They get more variety out of the shofar than anyone before them. That is why their original compositions seem to transfer this instrument from the old days to the world of the modern electronic environment.

This project, by writing their own music, creating their own unique style and constantly experimenting with the forms of live performances, constantly surprises their listeners not only throughout Europe, but also around the world.

Since 2017, the band has been staying and giving concerts in various parts of Poland, as well as abroad, but mainly in Poznań, which has become a friendly home for them. The duo is constantly experimenting with performative forms that are specific to live concerts. These concerts were presented with great success at European festivals (Night of Culture (Lublin), Żupański Festival (Poznan), Legendary Złotów (Złotów), Music Splitz (London), LvivKlezFest (Lviv), Simchat Chajim Festival (Poznan, Buk), OSADA, Final WOŚP ( Main Stage, Poznań), Regio Active ( Gryfino(Pl), Greifswald, Schloss Bröllin (Ger) ) PolenmArkT (Rostock, Greifswald, Ramin (Ger)), KATAPULT (Ger), as well as on theater stages (Theater of the Eighth Day (Poznań), Scena na Pietrze (Poznań), Boto Theater (Sopot)) .

They burst on the radio scene  in 2021 and had their singles played on radio shows of Great Britain, USA, Ireland,  Italy,  Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, including one of those songs which was up for Song Of The Year Honors. Also they became the WINNERS in category "2021 CFAB DUO OR GROUP OF THE YEAR HONOREE" (USA).

Recognizing their noteworthy approach to creating new music, in 2020, Nata and Evgeny received the "Culture to go" Award from the Culture Department of the Poznań City Hall, and in 2021 they became laureates of the scholarship competition of the Poznań City Council.

Despite the perceived limitations of a duo format, Nata and Evgeny’s stripped back combination of voice, shofar, various percussion instruments and electronically enhanced acoustic guitar is in no way constraining, and lends itself to an idiosyncratic, original and approachable exploration of the unique timbres of the elements involved. With a repertoire of songs invoking a timeless and introspective atmosphere, Nata and Evgeny defy easy categorization but create a forceful and inviting emotional pull.


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