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Monique Grimme





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A&R, Producer (Music); Promoter;

Multiple Music Genres; Television; Videos


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Jul 14, 2020

Monique Grimme


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Award Winning Music Video Creator, Producer and Digital Music Marketing expert Monique Grimme started Bongo Boy Records in 2010; an Indie record label with a creative innovative indie music spin, together with Award Winning Producer, Songwriter. Guitarist and Grammy® member Gar Francis. 

Monique heads up the record label and their multi-artists album releases, Digital Promotions, Worldwide Distribution with specialization in the hottest music market Asia. She produces a Television Show series that is filling the void that MTV once dominated and can be seen by 21 million households on 72+ Terrestrial TV channels in the USA. 

Monique was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and has degrees in Marketing and Accounting from Centenary University.

Monique Grimme

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