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Michael Zuzek





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Performer; Producer (Music); Songwriter

Pop; Rock



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Jun 27, 2024

Michael Zuzek


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Michael Zuzek is a Musician from Toronto, Ontario. He has been playing the piano since he was five years old and has performed for over a decade. He loves playing and singing live and will release his debut album in August 2024. 

Michael is studying at Queen's University to obtain a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree with a minor in music. Michael is a skilled individual with an easy-to-work-with personality and a passion for music. With over 17 years of experience playing piano, Michael uses his knowledge and expertise to expand his outlook and make music a pivotal aspect of daily life.

Michael's mission is to use his extraordinary musical gifts and share them with others. With experience as a professional session player, performing artist, and music producer, Michael epitomizes the modern-day musician. With carefully curated skills, Michael is committed to serving his community in a unique and ever-growing way that promises to deliver outstanding creative results time and time again.

Michael Zuzek

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