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Mark Lanoue





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Songwriter; Vocalist; Album Designer



Kick The Wicked


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Sep 22, 2023

Mark Lanoue


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Mark's current musical adventure is called KICK THE WICKED". He is also the founding member of the band "FICTION SYXX" and is part of the tribute project "WICKED TRIBUTES by KICK THE WICKED". He is a product of the New Jersey, Florida, & Mississippi music scene. After attending the Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood California, he returned to New Jersey to begin work as a studio musician. While playing in bands in the Jersey scene, Mark fired off audition material to Ozzy Osbourne & Ronnie James Dio. Mark's fellow New Jersey axe slinger from Zyris, Zakk Wylde, got the job with the Oz.  

He then joined forces with Dean Fasano (Message, Richie Sambora group, Jon Bon Jovi, & Prophet) to write and record. A song he wrote, Fine Line, transpired from working with Dean Fasano & became the title track on the 1998 MESSAGE release on ESCAPE MUSIC, Ltd. He then moved on to write, record, & tour with Persian Risk, Orlando Florida. The band was fronted by vocalist Carl Sentence (Don Airey, Krokus, Geezer Butler Band). While Mark was an active member of the Florida music scene, he studied with vocal coach, Ron Feldman (Vocal coach for Jani Lane of Warrant).  

After leaving Florida in the late 90's, Mark relocated to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and eventually joined forces with the band BILOXI, which was signed to then Major Label, MTM INTERNATIONAL. Upon the untimely death of our friend/band mate, Clyde Holly, Mark took over the Lead Vocals BILOXI III.  After the recording of BILOXI III "In the Wake of the Storm", BILOXI rocked the stage at ROCKLAHOMA 2008 & moved on with a new name "Chasing Karma" to support COSMOCRACY, released June 2011. Mark has also guest appeared on 3 Liberty N Justice tracks "Chasing A Cure" BUTTERFACE (Vocals Track 9), "Get Down" (Lead Guitar) "Hell is Coming to Breakfast, "The Greatest" the Cigar Chronicles. SHRED, RATTLE, & ROAR !!!  

Albums to his credit include, with the band Fiction Syxx:




With the band Kick The Wicked

DRAG MAGNET (2022) and single "Firefly" 

With the band Wicked Tributes by Kick The Wicked:

"Paradise by the Dashboard Light," a Meat Loaf Tribute.  

Mark's specialties are song writing, vocals, lead guitar, recording, performing, lyrics, and coaching.

He is proud to be endorsed by SFARZO STRINGS ( , INTUNE PICKS ( and Peavey Revalver (

Mark Lanoue

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