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Adult Contemporary;Christian;Rock

Guitar, Acoustic;Piano;Trombone


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Aug 10, 2021

Kyle Bellinger


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Kyle Bellinger is a professional singer, songwriter, recording artist, worship leader, session vocalist, and voice-over artist. He's been the vocalist and  front man for several Missouri rock bands and has released five  independent projects (albums, EP's and singles) during his career so  far. He's currently the lead vocalist of an alternative metal band  called Amberol. He's fronted rock bands that have shared the stage with  national touring acts like Saliva, Burlap to Cashmere, Salvador, The  Elms, This Train, Water Deep, and Mitch McVicker. Kyle is also an  experienced worship leader, currently serving on staff as part-time  worship leader at his church. He has a bachelor’s degree in music  ministry from Ozark Christian College, and has previously served on  staff at churches, led worship for youth camps/conferences/events, as  well as participated in worship teams for national conventions. He's  done voice-over work for various organizations like Christ In Youth,  Missouri Baptist Convention, and Good News Productions, International.  He is now entering the next phase of his musical journey as a solo  artist, session vocalist, session voice-over artist, and freelance  worship leader. Kyle has a passion for projects that connect and inspire  hope.

His vocal styling is influenced  by powerhouse vocalists like Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust), Sully Erna  (Godsmack), and Corey Glover (Living Colour), as well as soulful voices  like Brandon Boyd (Incubus), Michael Tait (Newsboys), Seal, and Lenny  Kravitz. As a lyricist he is greatly influenced by Jon Foreman  (Switchfoot).

Kyle is now offering a variety of session services For-Hire!

For-Hire Services by Kyle Bellinger:

-Pro Male Session Vocalist

-Worship Leader

-Male Voice Acting

-Songwriting and Toplining (Melody & Lyrics over a current track)

Kyle Bellinger

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