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Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist

Children's; Musical Theater; Pop

Piano; Keyboards


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2 Sep 2017

Judy Pancoast


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Effervescent, energetic, entertaining….all of these words describe Judy Pancoast; a singer, songwriter, recording artist, author and musical theater creator who radiates joy in her music.  She crafts clever songs with infectious melodies that delight the young and the young at heart, as evidenced by the 2011 Grammy® Award nomination for Best Children’s Album, for her one-of-a-kind CD, WEIRD THINGS ARE EVERYWHERE: A READING ROAD TRIP WITH JUDY PANCOAST!

A child of the 70’s, Judy grew up in Maine listening to Top 40 tunes with memorable melodies and catchy hooks. Known primarily as a Children’s artist for the past 25 years, she makes music for kids all over the world whose parents value the innocence and joy of childhood: totally terrific tunes with timeless lyrics about childhood experiences that resonate across the generations. 

In what may seem to be a complete 180° turn, Judy is also a fan of the horror genre, and was recently accepted into the worldwide Horror Writers Association. She has collaborated with acclaimed genre author Joe R. Lansdale to adapt his work CHRISTMAS WITH THE DEAD, for the musical stage, creating the lyrics and music and writing the lion’s share of the libretto. This experience was so creatively rewarding that Judy dusted off a treatment for a teen musical that she’d begun ten years previous, and that musical, GIRL ON THE MOON, is now having its stage premiere at The Luminescent Moon Theater in Ohio, this summer.

Judy is perhaps most well-known world-wide for her infectious Christmas hit, “The House on Christmas Street,” which can be heard each Christmas season at residential synchronized light displays and on radio stations across the country. The acclaimed official video currently has over 250k views on YouTube. To thank decorators for using her music in their displays, Judy has undertaken four cross-country and international “The House on Christmas Street” tours, wherein she presents community concerts on the lawns and in the driveways of those decorators.  Each concert raises goods and dollars for a charity chosen by the decorator.  

Judy lives in Connecticut with her husband, Philip, and three rescue pets: Millie, a Jack Russell Terrier, and sister-cats Hazelnut and “Cat Deeley.”  Human daughters Emma and Louisa, who grew up performing and touring with Mom, now reside in Brooklyn, New York, and work in the entertainment business.

Judy Pancoast

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