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Joseph L. Young





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Contemporary Instrumental;New Age;World



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May 7, 2024

Joseph L. Young


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World-flute master, saxophonist, and keyboardist Joseph L. Young brings together global musical traditions that mix primal earthiness with modern synthesized sounds to move the listener's soul to a more relaxed and positive state. As a versatile and gifted multi-instrumentalist, Young combines the ancient with the contemporary to create music that reaches beyond the boundaries typically expected in the new age and world music genres. 

Joseph’s first album, Pathways, was released in 2004, followed by Face The Wind (2010), Life Spring (2013), which was commissioned by the Idaho Dance Theater, Ethereum (2016), Every Moment (2018), and Into the Unknown (2022). Young's latest album showcases his composing and performing talents in some daring new directions, although his previous releases have always revealed him to be a multi-faceted and versatile artist, spanning such genres as New Age, Native Fusion, Jazz Fusion, and Contemporary Instrumental. 

Many of his albums have won multiple Silver Medals for Outstanding Achievement in the Global Music Awards, drawing rave reviews and garnering broad radio and internet airplay as well as awards and top chart placements on noted outlets such as Echoes, New Age Notes Radio, One World Music (UK) and Zone Music Reporter. Joseph resides in Boise, Idaho, with his wife, Lenise Redding, who co-manages his career and co-produces his albums. In addition to his solo performances, he continues playing live gigs with two local bands: the R&B band Stef and The Groove, and an ‘80s tribute band called Casio Dreams.

Joseph L. Young

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