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Performer;Producer (Music);Songwriter

American Roots

Bass, Acoustic; Bass, Electric; Guitar, Acoustic;Guitar, Steel / Dobro; Harmonica; Keyboards; Recorder


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Jill Sissel is an award winning songwriter and has been writing and performing her acclaimed Americana/ Blues music in the Nashville area for more than 20 years. Jill’s talent has led her to be the front (wo)man of her band, THE JILL SISSEL BAND, as well as a side musician for Nashville artists Dianne Davidson and Tracy Nelson.

In 2018, Jill released the album FOREVER FREE. The first single, "The Tennessee Farmer”, played a big part in the documentary film, THE BLUEBERRY FARMER on Tubi TV, as the theme song. Jill's music was featured throughout the score as well.  Jill  has also opened shows for Dan Seals, Ty England, JoDee Messina and Tracy Lawrence.

Jill recorded her first CD, THE BUILDER, in Salt Lake City, in 1998 which JPFolks nominated for Best Americana Album. Her second CD, LOVE KNOWS NO DISTANCE, also garnered a nomination for Americana Album of the Year by JPFolks in 2001. From the 2003 CD, OUT OF NOWEHERE, the single, "Too Soon to Say" was noticed by JPFolks as a top finalist in the female singer-songwriter category.

Jill’s 2010 album, HAUNTED HIGHWAY, was nominated by JPFolks for Best Americana Album, and 5 songs from that album were also in contention for Best song in four categories including "Here She Comes" (COUNTRY); "The Bottle or the Bible" (SPIRITUAL); "Texas Moon" (NEW FOLK); "One Foot in Front of the Other" and "Now's the Time" (POSITIVE).

In addition to the four recognized CDs, Jill released a soulful and evocative blues album, TELL THE TRUTH, in 2013.  Her band mates, Richard Bell, (guitar); Ted Wagner (bass); and Liz Ficalora, (drums and production/engineer); were all part of the tracking.  


Jill's abilities as a multi instrumentalist keeps her working and recording so she can sing her heart out and write songs that have a vision and a purpose. Her instrumental talents include, voice, guitar, (electric and acoustic), piano, keyboards, bass guitar, harmonica, and alto recorder. Performing as a solo or with her band, Jill Sissel is well recognized for her energy and powerful guitar playing.

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