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Performer; Vocalist

Indie Rock; Rock; Singer/Songwriter

Moving Lines


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Mar 29, 2023

Jill Fai


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Moving Lines, hailing from the Okanagan, BC, bring a classic vibe from decades gone by that’s both inspirational and expressive … creating music that makes you FEEL! Jill Fai has one of those rare hard rock voices that reverberates with the echoes of Ann Wilson, Steve Perry, Amy Lee and Ellen McIlwaine, that will send a tingle down your spine. If you love big female voices that can shake a stadium, she has the pure horsepower. Kevin backs her up with meaty guitar chops reminiscent of Tim Pierce, and deep soulful harmonies. They are fueled with a lifelong passion for music inspired by sensations such as Big Wreck, Heart, Aretha Franklin, Amy Lee, Journey, Rick Springfield, Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell and Ghost. If music is art, they are truly "Painters Of Sound."


The power pop/melodic rock edge of this mighty duo is showcased from the top to bottom in their most recent release, “Secrets”. The power of Jill’s voice has the pure “horsepower” of Steve Perry, Ann Wilson and Amy Lynn Lee. The power of Kevin’s “meaty” guitar sound and it features leads throughout the song, loud and proud. Speaking as a former Rick Springfield lead guitar player from back in the late 70s until today, there’s a curious familiarity, style, edge and sound of Kevin's performances and sound, especially during his solos, that remind me of Tim Pierce, who is still one of LA’s most sought after studio guitarists. BUT there’s just as much magic and unique identity in both Kevin and Jill’s performances that stand out from any of my comparisons. But, since I am comparing, I’d say this song and music from Moving Lines is A MUST have for any Journey & Rick Springfield fans, yet it has the freshness of Evanescence.  

~ Jeff Silverman, Recording Artist and Producer

Jill Fai

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