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Jeff Silverman





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American Roots;Country;Pop;Rock

Guitar, Acoustic and Electric, Bass Guitar, Keyboards


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2 Dec 2015

Jeff Silverman


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Jeff Silverman is a Nashville producer who has worked with some of today's top artists. In particular he has a 30+ year working relationship with Rick Springfield. He played with Rick back in the day, and has produced countless songs for him since. In addition to his normal production work, he has pioneered the process of recording artists remotely, and has clients all over the world. Even before the COVID-19 lockdowns he was producing sessions where the client and the players were thousands of miles apart. He is also an expert in producing HD, 3D Binarual and Dolby Atmos surround sound mixes. 

NARAS Member (The Grammys®)

Jeff is proud to be a voting member of The National Academy of Recording  Arts and Sciences – Producers & Engineers Wing, SAG-AFTRA and NPN  (Nashville Publishers Network). He is an award winning producer and  songwriter and has worked on gold, platinum album projects for artists  such as Rick Springfield, The Allman Brothers, B.J. Thomas, Nick Gilder,  Boyz to Men, David Cassidy, George Clinton, Paula Abdul, Prince and  Stephen Bishop. For more info, see Discography.

VSN - Virtual Studio Networks

Virtual Studio Networks (VSN)  online virtual recording studio, allows Jeff Silverman to interact and work with artists and musicians anywhere in the world – with the ability  to stream high fidelity to HD audio to and from your computer!  With  the new VST Connect Performer free software, you can now record directly  to Jeff’s DAW / computer, in the comfort and safety of your own  home/studio!

No complicated set up on your behalf – you can listen with the sort  of quality needed to make your mix & mastering real time tweaks. In  addition, you can visually participate in live sessions in Palette  studio utilizing very common programs like SKYPE, FACETIME, ZOOM, etc.

By keeping your sessions remote in part or in whole, think of the  thousands of dollars you’ll save on travel expenses, hotels, lost work  etc. Here’s a quick overview and some different options on what you’ll need to connect to VSN:

  • A Mac or PC laptop and / or desktop computer with a built in microphone (or external)

  • The latest Chrome Browser – This can be on either platform. PC or MAC

  • Screen share with TeamViewer or Zoom!

  • A good set of headphones

  • You and Jeff (and talent) can all talk back and forth via the new Chrome Source Connect talkback feature.

  • We can Skype, Zoom or FaceTime so you can visually participate in  your virtual mix, mastering or recording session with Jeff and the  musicians in real time!

Jeff will be happy to do a free set up connect and/or send you some  very simple instructions on how to log in using either Mac or Windows® PC. We are ready to start your mix, master and/or recording  session.

CONTACT Jeff if you feel VSN is for you and I’ll be happy to give you a free test run.

Jeff Silverman/Palette Studio is now a Certified Apple Digital Masters Mastering House, Approved by Apple, Inc.

Getting Started

If you require assistance with your current / next music project and  would like to discuss the VIRTUAL STUDIO NETWORKS solution, please contact Jeff at

Jeff Silverman

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