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Jeff Fasano





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American Roots;Indie Rock;Singer/Songwriter


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7 Apr 2018

Jeff Fasano


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"Every person can find their deepest passion & express that in their lives."

Jeff Fasano is a photographer based in Nashville Tennessee

MY LIFE PURPOSE: To champion the greatness of others.

I HELP PEOPLE:  To know who they are so they can  love,  honor & value themselves.

Here’s a little bit about me...

One night when I was leaving a job I wasn’t to keen on, it hit me like a slap across the face, I realized that I was not enjoying my life. So when I got home, I sat down with pad and pen and wrote:

“What do I want to be when I grow up?”  

I began to write down what I liked doing.  When I realized that I LOVED taking pictures, I found my passion. 

It all began when I turned 40 and left that job and a world that no longer resonated for me. My intention was to create a new life that was fulfilling and enjoyable. Not only have I created this life I am living it and it has been quite a journey.

On my path I have had the great fortune to meet, photograph and build relationships with notable artists from around the world, many of whom you can see on my website. Through the love of my craft doors have opened and I have connected with  so many interesting people who are creating their life, their creative expression, and expressing it to the world.  I get the chance with my talents and gifts as a photographer to support them in doing this.

I love to collaborate.  For me it is all about the connection, and when that happens “we” create everything together. The essence of the person is what I intend to capture and through my images that essence is revealed to the world. What lies beneath the surface is the beauty and elegance of the soul and the heart, it is real and authentic and that is what comes through in my work.

Photography has been a doorway to so much in my life and I found the calling to move beyond the lens and published my first book in 2010, Journey of the Awakened Heart. It is designed for you to love, honor and value you more deeply, find your passion so you can live a fulfilled and enjoyable life with purpose. You can learn more about my book at 

I am also a speaker and workshop leader and  co-founder of The Angel News Network. You can  visit to find out more about that wonderful organization.

Folks, because I listened to my heart when it asked me to, I found my passion. I found a vehicle for my self-expression, a deep love for creating it and thus have been able to receive what has appeared on my path because I made a commitment to my dream and me. I am living that dream, having lots of fun and you can too! I am truly blessed!

Peace, Jeff

Jeff Fasano

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