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Jacques Fafard





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Composer;Producer (Music);Publisher

New Age; Contemporary Instrumental

Bass Guitar; Didgeridoo; Drums; Flute; Guitars; Keyboards


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Jun 15, 2023

Jacques Fafard


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Jacques Fafard is a composer, producer, arranger, sound engineer, and R&D engineer at Le Studio Mix Sonore. He's a multi-instrumentalist New Age artist who plays keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, flute, didgeridoo and percussion. Jacques has collaborated with vocalist Lise Charbonneau to create several notable works of New Age music. His music is all about bringing better energy to people through his music, focusing on the basic frequencies that influence our health and lives. 

He offers private lessons, including three years of classical and popular piano, arrangements and percussion, radio host training. He has composed many compositions of audio and vocal recordings for many commercials radios and television jingles, for mall, albums and demos for semi-pro and professional artists. He works closely with Le Studio Midi 5 for advertising Tel-Jeunes, an organization that helps teens, and television coverage of Softimage Montreal, which was sold to Microsoft to promote their video services. 

He has been part of popular groups as drummer and a singer. Currently he composes therapeutic music with frequencies that are added to the music to reduce stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, agitation and promote calm, harmonization, concentration, rebalance and meditation and positive health effects.

Jacques Fafard

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