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Nov 13, 2018

Hinda Hoffman


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Hinda Hoffman is a gifted singer. But that is just a part of what creates her sound and voice. Despite having this extraordinary vocal gift, Hinda had and did face her demons on her life journey. All of this is part of what makes her and her sound special. unique. When you talk to Hinda, she talks like she sings and lets it all hangout when she decides. Hinda was a court reporter by day when she decided to start singing, her passion. Starting later in life, Hinda worked her way into many relationships with her talent, charm and perseverance. If you have an instrument like Hinda's, then live jazz is the only way to play.

From a duo to an orchestra, the vibe is there

Hinda can create the music you need based on your budget and needs. From a duo to an orchestra, Hinda knows the best talent to put together for your event.

"One of the best singers in the business. She's the real thing, a singer with not only a fine voice, but an authentic feel for jazz. You can understand her every word, and her simple sound is just lovely."

~ Steve Allen, Jazz composer, musician, & author

"A unique vocal talent... understands the lyrics from the perspective of a seasoned traveler."

~ Dennis Polkow, Chicago Tribune

"What a voice... a rich ruby instrument, dark and full at times gleaming; like Dexter Gordon's tenor or Jim Hall's guitar, it would attract attention even if she had no idea what to do with it."

~ Neil Tesser, Chicago Reader Critic's Choice

"She has a voice that is smooth and silky.....Backed by a kick-ass quartet Driftin' at the Lake is an album of melodic jazz that is easy on the ears, but serious in content."

~ Hans Werksmen, Netherlands Music Blogger @ Here Comes the Flood

Hinda Hoffman

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