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George Bowley





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Instrumentalist; Performer; Producer

Blues; Country; Jazz; Pop

Guitar, Electric

Guitars in Sync


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George Bowley


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Music In The Les Paul and Mary Ford Tradition


George Bowley and his daughter Laurie record and perform music in the style of 1950’s Capitol Records recording artists Les Paul and Mary Ford. George is a Naval Academy Graduate and currently a retired Navy Commander.  Laurie has earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and currently practices in Northern Virginia.  They are both Voting Members in The Recording Academy (The Grammys®).  George has been honored with a Lifetime Membership in The Academy for over 40 years of participation. 

George first met Les Paul back in 1951 and they became good friends for over sixty years.  He has spent valuable time with Les (and his 1950s engineer Earle Davis) in learning as much as he could about Les’ recording processes, his equipment, and his characteristic recording and playing style. Their association and exchanges over the years fostered a lifetime of friendship and mutual respect for each other.

Laurie joined her father in the mid-1980s while in High School and they soon began to professionally record commercial music.  Their first album THE HITS OF LES PAUL AND MARY FORD, for the Music Minus One label came soon thereafter, and was distributed internationally by the Hal Leonard Publishing Company.  With the release of their 12-track CD GUITARS IN SYNC (2017), they continue to record and release many singles; all arranged  “in The Les Paul And Mary Ford Tradition”.

Les loved George and Laurie’s recordings, and was fully supportive of their efforts to replicate his sound; and of their use of new tape and digital technology in order to do so.  In fact, in 1997 he had exclaimed to those present at the Iridium Club in downtown Manhattan that George and Laurie were "the only two people I have ever heard in my lifetime who have exactly duplicated the sound that Mary (Ford) and I had in the 1950’s". 

During a later weekend visit to his home in Mahwah, NJ, Les privately told George that it was obvious that they had both traveled the same trial and error paths of experimentation, successes, failures, and  perseverance -  and that he considered George to be his recording equal.

Their 12 Track CD Sampler:

George Bowley

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