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Franki Dennull





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Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist


Guitar, Acoustic


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Sep 18, 2017

Franki Dennull


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Franki Dennull (1957-2021) was a singer/songwriter. A former addict, alcoholic, adulterer and divorcee, he completely cleaned himself up,  remarried to his wife, and rebuilt his entire life based on his faith. An Ordained Evangelist “Musicianary,” Franki used his music to bring joy and healing to others. He played original folk/rock music that is was reminiscent of post-Beatles John Lennon, as Franki was himself. His last recordings featured drummer Dave Mattacks of Paul McCartney, Elton John and numerous other superstars. Franki was a beautiful soul and an inspiration to everyone who knew him. 

His memorial service was a testament to the man that he was. He ministered to so many others, giving of himself selflessly and often. None of the dozens who came and sang and prayed at his service were in doubt that he went straight to Heaven.

He is sorely missed. 

Franki Dennull

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