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Emilia Lopez-Yañez





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Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist


Oboe; English Horn


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Apr 19, 2017

Emilia Lopez-Yañez


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Emilia Lopez-Yañez is an award-winning singer and oboist. After graduating from Chapman University and USC, Emilia began recording vocal and instrumental tracks for a wide range of projects including: film, video games, and award-winning albums. She created a Children's music group, Ruth and Emilia, with songs that focused on self-esteem and making the world a better place. Their two albums amassed many awards including a Parent’s Choice Award and the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. 

In 2022, Ruth and Emilia released a contemporary folk album inspired by poetry written by Ruth’s late grandmother. This album was a labor of love which the two women created during the pandemic entirely from home, recording all of the vocals and Emilia’s instrumentals in Ruth’s closet. Emilia continues her career freelancing as an oboist and vocalist around California, while also teaching both oboe and vocals online and in-person at two local colleges. 

As a composer, Emilia has collaborated on projects for video game soundtracks, film scores and album projects. Recently, she release her newest single, “I Just Wanna Marry You,” a song about the excitement of beginning a life-long relationship.

Emilia Lopez-Yañez

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