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Composer; Instrumentalist; Performer; Songwriter

Jazz; World

Bass, Electric;Guitar, Acoustic;Guitar, Electric


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Mar 16, 2021

Dominic D'Cruz


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Bangalore-based Dominic D'Cruz is a composer of instrumental music, a songwriter, vocalist, a multi-instrumentalist on bass, electric and acoustic guitars, and more. He is also a music educator, poet an English language voice-over artist, and freelance writer. His musical work MY EARTH SONGS (Lonnie Park and the Earth Band) highlight the need for action, based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The album of the same name is a powerful collaboration with Grammy® Winning Artist Ricky Kej (India) and Grammy Lonnie Park (USA). This work has been incorporated into textbooks for grades 2 - 8 of the ICSE stream by Macmillan Publications. In lessons about conserving water you will find the lyrics to "Catch The Rain." which is all about rainwater harvesting, in that textbook. In lessons about marine life, you'll find his lyrics to 'In The Waterworld." 

His CD called FEEL HIS PRESENCE is a collection of original Christian songs performed in a variety of styles. The concert recited a tale; a distillation of the different experiences and nuances in Dominic’s life that revealed the subtle workings of the Gospel, the friends he has made, memories created and different encounters as a musician and composer. In addition, his intricate album Moments with OUR BLESSED MOTHER is a collection of guitar renditions of Marian hymns. 

Dominic is a frequent player/vocalist on award-winning albums by other artists, including SYMPHONIC SOWETO: A TRIBUTE TO NELSON MANDELA and LOVE LANGUAGE (Wouter Kellerman), WILD KARNATAKA, SHANTI SAMSARA, SHIVA, BALLAD OF MAYA (Ricky Kej), MORE LOVE (Vivi Melody and Family), MY EARTH SONGS (Lonnie Park and the Earth Band), and many more. He has won a Grammy certificate for LOVE LANGUAGE, a Global Music Award (Gospel & Inspirational Song), an AKAEDEMIA Award for best reggae/pop song, and more

Dominic D'Cruz

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