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Diane Battistello


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"I grew up on the Wading River, in Norton, MA and we had a swimming hole there.  When I was young I would go to the end of the diving board and sing to the trees, and I wrote for many years after that but I kept my words private”, says Massachusetts native and acoustic folk singer/songwriter Diane Battistello.

Years later Diane would escape to Lake Champlain and Burlington, VT, where she bought her first guitar.  The vocals and lyrics would start to come together as she embraced a finger-picking guitar style.   The spell cast from the graceful shores of that glacial lake and the neighboring Adirondack Mountains never left her. “Green Mountain Blue” is a song that wrote itself years after she returned to life in Massachusetts.  In November, 2015 Diane launched a 6 song EP by the same name.

 Diane often uses her music to raise awareness of social issues. The song, “Gold, Diamonds, Tin Ore” draws a connection between our demands for computer technology and the Congo’s child soldier human rights atrocities.  “Winslow Farm” was written as a fund raiser for Debra White, a high school friend who owns and operates a stay-for-life animal rescue sanctuary in Norton. 

Diane, as many of us do, encountered many twists and turns in life and she stopped writing and singing for nearly 25 years.  One day in 2010 a spark from words by Carolyn Myss, “Everyone needs to have harmony in their life”, reignited Diane’s musical flame. On that day she pulled her guitar out of the closet, put some new strings on it, and got back to music.  Now with gray hair and past the age of 60 she’s stepping up to the stage.

​ For the past few years she’s been performing at open mics from Boston to Providence and now is accepting opening act slots at coffeehouses other music events. 

Diane Battistello

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