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Educator; Engineer; Performer; Producer (Music)

Country; Pop; Rock


Brendan Lyons

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Currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Brendan Lyons is an established freelance player, engineer, producer and educator.  He is currently the curator of MUSICIANS IN BASEMENTS DRINKING COFFEE, a live-off the floor recording project that incorporates interviews surrounding music and coffee. 

He has worked with many artists including:

  • Jojo Mason

  • Sons of Daughters

  • Aaron Goodvin

  • Shawn Austin

  • Andrew Hyatt

  • Ben Chase

  • Hey Romeo

  • Gord Bamford

  • Julian Austin

  • Brad Lynch Band

  • Classic Albums Live

  • Bill Durst

  • Paul Reddick

  • Garrett Gregory

  • Lauren Mayell

  • Ryan Lindsey

  • Letters From Pluto

  • Jeff Hendrick

  • Madi Allen

  • Mourning Wood

  • The Revolutions

  • Million Dollar Dreamers

  • Architeks

  • Maracujah

  • The Kat Kings

  • The Melesizwe Brothers

  • Mayfield Dinner Theatre (Million Dollar Quartet)

Brendan is a proud to be sponsored by Murat Diril Cymbals, Innovative Percussion, Porter & Davies, Snareweight, Little Blondie Microphones, Remo Drumheads, Antelope Audio and Protection Racket.


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