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Guitar, Acoustic;Percussion;Piano


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July 5, 2021

Beth Williams


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Beth Williams is an ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC NOMINEE for BEST NEW FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR, award winning singer songwriter and a fantastic yodeler! Three of her songs have charted in BILLBOARD and CASHBOX magazines, she was nominated“Best Female Performer”, by the INDEPENDENT NEWS, and “Best Independent Female Vocalist” by CASHBOX. Beth’s album IN THIS OLD HOUSE was Voted one of Austin’s Top Albums and she was the Winner of Music Austin’s Best Albums Award. HUMBLE TIME RADIO SHOW nominated Beth for “Outstanding Female Songwriter” and “Outstanding Female Performance.” Austin, Texas Mayor Gus Garcia proclaimed Feb. 14, 2002 “BETH WILLIAMS DAY”, complete with a signed proclamation.

A Nashville Session Singer via the Internet, “Beth is blessed with a beautiful singing voice that  has the dynamics to go from a whisper to the full power of cathedral  bells.” says Austin Americana.  Her creative abilities as a songwriter and guitarist build an eclectic  bridge between folk, Americana, country, blues, pop, yodeling, gospel  and roots music. Soaring vocals, artful lyrics, engaging smile and the  ability to closely connect with her audience make for the powerful  combination and extra edge which spells success. With 7 CDs available on  her own Willow Creek Record label, Beth has been able to control her  own musical destiny and direction.

Born on Ramey Air Force Base in Puerto Rico, the nomadic life of the  military led her family to Pakistan, the Philippines, Texas, Florida,  Georgia, and Okinawa twice, all before she turned seventeen. Beth’s  passion for singing and songwriting began as a child. While living on  Peshawar AFB in Pakistan, she  happened upon a lone GI sitting on the bleachers of a deserted baseball  field, singing and playing a guitar. Beth’s destiny was sealed ,and her  parents bought her a $10.00 guitar at the PX when they were relocated to  Okinawa later that same year. Living with her family on Kadena Air  Force Base in Okinawa at age 15, Beth won 1st place and $75.00 at the  Kubasaki High School Talent Show after performing an original  composition. Her family moved to Texas at the beginning of her senior  year of high school where she immediately began her musical career  singing songs she’d written delighting Texas audiences, touring Central  Texas, military bases and overseas.

Wanting  to be an independent artist with control and the final voice in her  music, Beth started her own record label, WILLOW CREEK RECORDS where  there are currently 7 CD’s available. Taking her artistic independence  one step further she opened a small Pro Tools recording studio, Hill  Country Recording plus Video. “I decided to learn to become proficient  in recording myself and to learn to create videos of myself rather than  having someone else do it for me.” Her reputation as a excellent  vocalist and harmony singer has brought Williams clients from all over  the world who send her tracks via the Internet to add backup vocals to  their projects or sing lead on their demos.

Hall of Fame producer LLOYD MAINES says  “Besides the obvious, great singer and guitar player, Beth Williams  bares her soul in her songs and performance. This is a brave and good  thing.” The San Antonio Express – News writes  “No sappy writer, no overt heartstring tugger, Williams instead is the  kind of person who walks on the sunny side, uses common sense, sees the  glass as half full & finds the silver lining in dark clouds” while KNBT Radio says  “Beth’s songs are not written as much as crafted, her soaring vocals  add just the right amount of electricity to each track. When you hear  her psychedelic yodel-chants on ODI, you’ll laugh out loud, and you’ll  be hooked for good.

As  a composer Williams often writes from a spiritual point of view, and  always writes with a poetic beauty coming from within, captivating  audiences with her voice. When they see and hear her perform, listeners  get a true picture of Beth’s incomparable musical craftsmanship, as well  as her remarkable capacity as a lyricist. One has only to listen to the  words to understand that Beth brings her heart, her soul, and the  depths of her personal experiences for all to hear. Her music provides a  truly eclectic experience so moving that, while it may not change the  heart of the country purist, or the hard rock fanatic, it will give them  pause for reflection and surely touch something in everyone who hears  it. This work of art transcends all the traditional musical borders

Buzz Marcos of TAYLOR GUITARS says  “Beth’s songs are innocent… experienced… beguiling…insightful… Her name  and the title of this album should be spoken by every record reviewer  in the country.”

“Yes,  she is a wonderful singer, beautiful voice ….. But there’s something  more. This songwriter does “message music”, she makes the spirit soar..I  love it!” says KACQ/KCYL RADIO.

Beth Williams

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