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Aug 28, 2017

Bari Koral


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Bari Koral has Inspired thousands of children with her unique combination of music, yoga and mindfulness. She believes that believe supporting a child’s joy, spirit and mental health is as important as anything else we can teach our children. She has empowered thousands of teachers, with limited or no prior knowledge, to become highly effective at sharing yoga and mindfulness in their classrooms. This is changing behaviors and changing lives. 

In her own words: 

"I get our teachers up to speed – and fast. After decades of knowledge and study I have learned to break the science down to make it easy to understand. My products (mindfulness albums, mindfulness cards, yoga cards, popular yoga music) along with training, makes these skills implementable in the classroom immediately. With the right training and products, ANY ONE can be off and running, and teaching all the wonderful benefits of yoga and mindfulness to children. 

It’s such a great feeling when you start (or build on what you already know) and work on intentionally adding mindfulness and yoga curriculum into the classroom. Because it feels better to feel better! It’s impossible to know what our children’s future will be like in 20 years, but their nervous systems are ancient. These tools will work now, and will always be there to support them. What a gift that will be. 

And we want to start as young as possible. Mindfulness is like learning a language. Executive Function, while it can be built at any time, strengthens the most ages 3-5 years old."

Bari Koral

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