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Annie Jameson





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Composer; Instrumentalist

New Age

Crystal Bowls, Lyre


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Jan 21, 2020

Annie Jameson


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Annie Jameson is a New Zealand musician whose passion is to create music for relaxation and meditation. She plays Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, a Crystal Lyre and other instruments. Annie’s music helps babies, mothers, teenagers and others to find a state of peacefulness and relaxation. It is used in yoga, meditation and other practices. Her music is also played on Air New Zealand and Scott Base, Antarctica.

Annie plays Alchemy™ quartz crystal singing bowls and other high vibration instruments for sound healing. These have a pure resonance and can help people de-stress, release anxiety and relax deeply.  When the crystal singing bowls are sounded with reverence they invoke a sense of calm that can still our minds and release stress from our bodies, allowing us to relax and be open to receive healing.

Each sound healing session is a unique experience as Annie creates a sacred space, leading you on a journey within to heal mind, body and soul. Through playing and toning with the crystal bowls she intuitively weaves the exquisite tones, bringing your energy into balance.  Transformation may be experienced on many levels. Annie’s music is very soothing for all ages - babies, children, adults and animals.

You can listen to Annie Jameson’s music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other streaming platforms.


I am a musician, crystal bowl artist and intuitive sound healer.  My passion and joy is to create music using Alchemy™ crystal singing bowls, a crystal lyre and other high vibrational instruments, for deep relaxation, meditation, healing and well-being.

In 1991 I had an incredible awakening experience, connecting to my guardian angel Chilao. From that moment I made a conscious choice to follow my spiritual path.  Every decision since then has been divinely guided, and resulted in an unfolding of extraordinary opportunities, which I couldn’t have possibly imagined. This has led me on the most incredible journey to play the crystal singing bowls. 

My music is available through most streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more. You can also listen to four of my albums on Air New Zealand international flights. My music has reached people worldwide, including in remote places such as New Zealand’s Scott Base in Antarctica.


I have also published two books, ‘The Light of Chilao – Messages from Heaven’ and ‘A Small Book of Universal Wisdom’, which are available on Amazon.


I have lived in New Zealand since 1992. My husband and two adult sons have been wonderfully supportive on my musical and spiritual journey.


"This month I would like to honor Annie Jameson, a sound healer and musician in New Zealand whose passion is to create music for deep relaxation, meditation and well-being.  Please take a listen to Annie’s alchemical sound and find yourself in deep peace."

~Bruce H. Lipton, PhD.  

Bestselling author of The Biology of Belief

"Thank you....your music is exquisite. I play some of your music in my Therapy room while working with deep gratitude for adding to the healing journey."

~ Dianna C.  Canada

"Perhaps I can let your heart sing even more by telling you that your music is well known and very much loved in my yoga community of Amsterdam. A lot of other teachers I know use your music.  Lots of love and create vibes!"

~Ann A. Amsterdam

"You have a beautiful gift, one that takes me and my clients into the deepest states of rest and healing. Thank you for all that you have created with your bowls, looking forward to new music!"

~ Kelly Maria F. Orcas Island

Annie Jameson

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