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Andy Zuckerman





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Songwriter; Producer

Film; Pop; Rock; Television

Guitar, Acoustic; Guitar, Electric


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Nov 28, 2018

Andy Zuckerman


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Andy Zuckerman is a Los Angeles-based producer and engineer. He founded and runs theThe Institute Of Noise, a music production company that focuses on producing, engineering, mixing, composing for Film/TV/Commercials, songwriting and artist development. The workflow is set up to work fast with the highest quality, without hindering the creative process. 

Andy has composed, performed, produced, engineered and mixed hundreds of songs used in TV/Film, commercials, underscore and cues, in a multitude of styles. These were not only written for specific shows, but re-licensed as well to numerous other shows after the fact. Numerous releases have reached Billboard and independent Top 40 chart action.  Andy is a member of The Recording Academy's Producers & Engineering Wing, Los Angeles Chapter..

Andy Zuckerman

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