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Jan 29, 2019

Anaya Webb


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Back in 2008, after working at an accounting firm for three months, Anaya Webb, a  young college student, decided to leave her paid internship after  realizing that she didn't want to spend the majority of her life in a  corporate cubicle. Her heart always tugged toward music, but she was  afraid that she would fall victim to the "starving artist" stigma. But  what did she have to lose? She was already unhappy at her current job!

After finally taking the leap and switching her major from accounting  to music, Ayana Webb knew she had a mission to carry out that was much  bigger than her. With the help of many positive influences, she revived  her love for piano and the music business, and before she knew it, she  was fully indulged.

But in late 2010, a series of hardships and tragedies struck. Between  the loss of her biggest supporter, her mother, then receiving a mass  pay cut form her day job, and her car suddenly breaking down and needing  a $1,200 fix, all within 6 months of each other, life thrusted Ayana in  a sink-or-swim situation.

After a desperate but failed attempt to apply for many jobs as a  piano instructor, Ayana decided to use her last resort of building her  own student clientele. Unsure of what would become of her attempts, she  ordered 5,000 flyers and spent just about every morning during the  summer of 2011 walking her neighborhood, and distributing at least 100  flyers per day, door-to-door. By the time her fall semester started, she  walked into her new school year with over 20 private students and a ray  of hope.

That experience of tragedy and resilience was a huge turning point in  Ayana's life. The moment she realized that she actually defied the odds  of the "struggling musician", she made it her lifelong goal to learn as  much as possible about how to establish a thriving career as a  musician/artist while building one's musical craft at the same time, and  to share her successes, experiences, and information for other  musicians to benefit from. She also wanted to take her teaching to the  next level and make her courses available online for those around the  world who want to learn piano. As a result of both goals, The Musical Webb was born.

The Musical Webb serves as both an online music  training site, as well as a hub of resources for aspiring musicians and  artists. Inspired by its site creator, Ayana Webb, TMW is equipped with  tons of recorded online piano courses, topped off with a blog and  newsletter that shares useful articles on how musicians can promote  themselves, fill their gig schedule, profitably sell their brand, build  their fan base, and tighten up on their own musical skills.

At The Musical Webb, musicians and artists who are serious about  their career can thoroughly benefit from a music business that is  currently worth $16 billion (in case anyone ever told you that there's  no money in music). Success will not be easy, it will not happen  overnight, and unfortunately, it will not be free. But, it will  certainly be worth it! So if you want to get started with your journey  to musical success, feel free to browse around the site, take advantage  of the resources you need the most, and reach for the moon!

Anaya Webb

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