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Alla Igityan





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Songwriter; Vocalist

Country; Singer/Songwriter

Guitar, Acoustic; Piano


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Apr 14, 2021

Alla Igityan


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Being a software engineer by profession and a singer/songwriter by passion, Alla Igityan is blessed to enjoy two distinct yet exciting careers at the same time. Back in school life, along with preparing for the university, she started taking vocal lessons, because she realized it was too important not to take it more seriously. That marked a new phase of her life. Because she had learned to play the violin as a kid, she easily taught herself to play the guitar as well. From turning on karaoke to pretend that she was performing at a concert, to actually recording her favorite songs and uploading them to YouTube, she eventually achieved wrote her first song.

While Alla loves the extensive troubleshooting and technical exposure of her engineer "day job," singing is an entirely different world. She believes strongly in openly expressing her ideologies and personality in the songs that she writes. 

Alla was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia, where she used to perform at the local bars, but in 2019 she moved to Berlin, the capitol of Germany. Today she's very excited to be a part of a much bigger music community, and to continue sharing her music with the world.

Alla Igityan

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