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Alison Hams





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Educator; Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist

Bluegrass; Country; Singer/Songwriter

Bass Guitar


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Feb 10, 2023

Alison Hams


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Alison Hams is a fulltime musician, singer, songwriter, recording artist, music educator and consultant with a passion for original music. Providing music education and resources to young people based on the edge of the South Australian Outback she boasts countless awards, recognitions, albums and projects across Australia, and across the world. 

With her husband Mark Tempany (also a professional musician, singer, songwriter, producer and studio and live sound engineer), she owns and manages Stormfront Productions - a proudly "one stop music shop" willing to listen to anyone's music story, and to help further it wherever possible. 

In November 2021 Alison was inducted by The Governor into the "South Australian Women's Honour Roll," for her historically significant contribution to music, music education, and philanthropy.

Alison Hams

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