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Aditya Kalyanpur





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Artist (Graphic); Instrumentalist; Performer

New Age;World

Percussion; Tabla


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Oct 3, 2022

Aditya Kalyanpur


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"Life is Tabla"

With  Aditya Kalyanpur’s trademark blend of technical brilliance, creative  improvisations and high-octane showmanship, this award-winning tabla  virtuoso’s performances instantly connect with, and captivate audiences  worldwide. Kalyanpur is noted to be coined as the original pioneer of  recreating the colorful tabla, thus innovating, “a more colorful  expression.”

At  the same time, Kalyanpur’s performances reflect his versatility and  keenness to break through conventional ‘borders.’ Kalyanpur has uniquely  gone on to acquire in-depth knowledge across various gharanas and  schools of playing. Furthermore, he is in his element when adapting  masterfully to any musical context, be it complementing a sitar or jazz  guitar, and/or collaborating with artistes across genres, from jazz to  pop, rap to rock!

Hailed  by many in the western world as “the rightful heir to Punjab Gharana,”  *Aditya’s colossal repertoire, and his signature style of bold execution  of syllables and pinpoint-precise rhythm, are founded in rigorous study  and knowledge. For the child prodigy who could replicate intricate  rhythmic patterns on his first tabla at the age of 3, there was no going  back. Kalyanpur’s training began from none other than the legendary  late Ustad Allah Rakha.

Aditya Kalyanpur

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