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Oct 26, 2017

Aaron Birdsall


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Aaron Birdsall is an American record producer, music composer, and sound designer. In addition to creating music and soundscapes, Aaron is mentor for aspiring musicians and sound designers. With over 100 album credits, he has been involved in the production of classical, metal, folk, hip-hop, pop and jazz. He runs his own recording studio based around a vintage NEVE console.

In addition to creating music and  soundscapes Aaron is mentor for aspiring musicians and sound designers  and as an active voting member of the Recording Academy (The Grammys®) he  is also a District Advocate and rallies members of Congress every year  to help pass better legislation for music creators.

With over 100  album credits, Birdsall has been involved in the production of just  about every type of music that exists. From Classical to metal, folk to  hip-hop, and Pop to Jazz, he has produced it, written it, engineered it,  and performed it. In early 2018 Aaron purchased a building for a new  recording studio (his 8th studio build) where he uses his recently  acquired vintage NEVE Console.

Outside of producing records  Aaron is very active in Film and TV production. After graduating from  school in LA with ProTools Certification for Post Production Sound  Design and Music Production, Birdsall has done Sound Design, ADR  recording and editing, Production Sound, Original Songs, and Underscore  Composing.

Some of Aaron Birdsall's clients include:

  • Lion's Gate

  • SYFY

  • UFC

  • ESPN

  • HGTV

  • Warner Bros/Curb

  • Entertainment Tonight

Aaron Birdsall

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