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The Indie Collaborative was founded in 2015 to be the vehicle by which independent musicians and industry professionals could find each other, and form lasting bonds of friendship. We manage our events and public information here on this website and on our public Facebook page.

"Like a diaspora of musical artistry, the Indie Collaborative spread its talent before the audience at the Bruno Walter Auditorium at Lincoln Center for a "feel good" evening of interfaith groove accompanied by excellent musicianship."

~ ALL ABOUT JAZZ, Jose Manuel De Jesus

We don't hold contests or give out awards - we're about connecting musicians together and forming lifelong bonds of friendship centered on and around music and the creative arts. There's nothing wrong with awards - it's just not something that we do. We don't want to pit our members against each other in any way. We support each other selflessly, with an eye toward helping each other evolve and develop to reach our greatest potentials.

Although we were founded with and musicians and songwriters, the IC is now comprised also of actors, poets, writers, dancers ... it's a very long list of people in the creative arts, both on the stage or behind the scenes. Speaking of behind the scenes, our members include photographers, managers, promoters, make-up artists, publicists and producers of all kinds.


If that sounds like you, please join us! It's free to be a member, and to have your profile shown here on our website for all the world to see!

Please Join Us Today - there is no cost to be a member!

Empire State Building


The Drama League

New York City, USA

August 25, 2024

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Upcoming Events

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Indie Collaborative Co-founders:

Eileen Sherman and Grant Maloy Smith

Welcome to the Indie

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